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Last week, Marco Troper, 19, was discovered unconscious in his hostel, and his body was later declared dead.

Susan Wojcicki, the former CEO of YouTube, passed away. Marco Troper, at 19 years old, was a freshman on the campus of UC Berkeley. According to a school representative, Clark Kerr Campus, he was discovered unconscious at his residence last week, PEOPLE said.

Campus police were notified by the Berkeley Fire Department after the trooper was discovered in the afternoon. According to a statement from the University of California Police agency, Berkeley, the agency stated that they were “attempting life-saving measures” on Troper. Soon later, it was declared that he was deceased.

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The cause of death is yet unknown. Campus police, however, ruled out foul play.

Troper’s grandma, Esther Wojcicki, thinks he overdosed on drugs and died. “We don’t know what was in the medicine that he took. We do know for sure that it was a narcotic, she said to the San Francisco news organization SFGATE.

Troper was described by Esther as “loving” and a “math genius.” “As a grandchild and a son, he fulfilled all of your dreams. He was meant to have an impact,” she remarked. “It’s devastating.”

Esther shared the devastating news on Facebook. “My family suffered tragedy yesterday.” Marco Troper, my cherished 19-year-old grandson, departed from us yesterday. “Our family is completely devastated,” the writer added. “Marco was the most gorgeous, intelligent, loving, amusing, and kind person I have ever met. He had just begun his second semester as a freshman at UC Berkeley, where he was studying in mathematics and was genuinely enjoying it.

He was doing well academically and had a close-knit group of pals from both his fraternity, Zeta Psi, and his Stern Hall dorm. He used to regale us with countless tales about his time at Berkeley and his buddies back home. Too little time was spent with Marco. We are all inconsolable when we consider all the chances and experiences in life that he and we will both lose out on. More than you can imagine, Marco, you are loved and missed by all of us,” she continued.