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Hira Mani not coming slow: “Mein Katrina Kaif ki maa hoon”

A few individuals from the Pakistani showbiz industry furnish us with ‘diversion’ in the genuine feeling of the word and entertainer Hira Mani is honored with an ‘bewildering’ comical inclination which keeps us interested.

This time she has expressed something exceptionally entrancing and it is getting progressively difficult for us to process her assertion.

In the remarks part of one of Hira’s amazing pictures, a dedicated fan couldn’t recognize in the event that it was truly Hira Mani or Bollywood entertainer Katrina Kaif.


The fan asked, “Is this Katrina Kaif or Hira Mani?”

Clearly, this was a deliberate endeavor from the fan and by contrasting Hira with Katrina, the fan expected the Pakistani entertainer’s thoughtfulness regarding land on the remark.

Also, would you accept, Mrs Mani really reacted.

Be that as it may, her answer was brimming with fearlessness and we making the most of her words A LOT.

Hira reacted: “Brother Katrina Kaif ki bhi maa. Who is Katrina Kaif? Mujhy kehtey hain Hira Mani” (Bro I am mother of Katrina Kaif. Who is Katrina Kaif? Individuals call me Hira Mani).

Now that’s the perfect way to strike. Well done Hira!