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I-Business Digital commerce is a large ecosystem that involves customers, vendors and marketing activities. Today, we are structuring an E-Commerce mobile app is clearly an important step for sales companies and local vendors to promote their business. Mobile commerce is growing exponentially now days. If you would like to build a successful trading enterprise and specialize in attracting customers and increasing sales, the importance of getting Mobile E-Commerce solutions should be obvious. Mobile apps support strong connections between vendors and customers.

We are launching an android based application for online business. Our Mobile Application will provide a new platform to customers and vendors, where customers can buy things easily in other side vendors can promote their business by the comfort way. With due our application Vendors will promote online business at the National and International level and also develop a direct relationship between customers and vendors.

Any user having an android phone can use this mobile application and this application will be available on the play store soon. Tools, technologies, and language, we have to use Java language, XML for front end and, JSON, Php (server-side), SQL, Android Studio for development for Application, Sublime Text, and Adobe Illustrator for design perspective. The features in this app are, Start Application, Login in, Signup, customers see vendors and contact with desire vendors, and they upload their business, whenever customer and vendor can delete their account, vendors can change their business, vendors, and customers edit their profiles.

The main entities in this app are admin, customer, and vendor. Admin can see customers and vendors, approve or reject vendor requests also manage the reported business. Where customers can view vendors business and find them in miles or variables also customers can chat, place orders, call, give comments, report vendors buy things.

Vendors can add their business, review their comments, and ratings. I-Business provides a graphical interface to users. The first dashboard screen will provide user and vendor login option by this user can login by typing their username and password. Second, one is creating an account interface. Register a business interface will allow users to register any kind of business for marketing. The pending business interface will enable users to see their pending business.

After successful login users can view vendors on a map and contact of their choices. For the reliability of the user, we have used search and swipe options where users can search alphabetically and in miles. Chat, place order, review, and comment interface will provide to the user. Users can chat with vendors, place orders, report vendor’s comments to vendors, and also vendors can review their comments. If the customer is not satisfied with vendors, they can also report them, and when 5 to 6 customers report the same vendors, the admin deletes that reported vendor.

I Business also provides story dashboard of admin where admin can approve/reject pending business, admin can see registered vendors and registered customers and remove any kind of reported business. I-Business is an idea to increase user and vendors