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Huawei has presented its new Mate 40 cell phone, which the organization claims has a faster processor than Apple’s new iPhone 12.The huawei says that this processor is built on the ‘five nanometer’ technology similar to the chip used in the iPhone. The Huawei says it has billions of semiconductors introduced in its processor, which is 30% more than Apple’s A14 processor. Huawei claims that these new things make its new Mate 40 cell phone “all the more impressive” than the iPhone 12.

Huawei Mate 40 Specifications

The least expensive model of Huawei Mate 40 is USD 1049. It has a 6.5 inch OLED screen. Its three more costly models cost up to 2, 2,708 and have a 6.8-inch screen.Each telephone has a revive pace of 90 Hz, which implies that 90 casings for every second can be played on the telephone screen. That is more than Apple’s new iPhone 12 and Samsung’s S20 arrangement.

Models of this cell phone can be dispersed with the assistance of cameras:

The least expensive model has just a single camera for taking selfies and 3 cameras at the back (wide point, ultra wide point and fax). The Mate 40 Pro has a 3D sensor for face open and its cameras are superior to the principal model. The fourth camera on the rear of the Mate 40 Pro Plus is focused on ‘super zoom’ and can take great pictures with less concentration than the fifth camera. The Mate 40 Porsche Design RS has a ‘thermometer’ that can recognize neighborhood temperatures. Right now just the Pro model is being presented outside of China and is evaluated at US 1, 1,297.