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Tiktok is social App which are widely used in world world . You can also say that tik tok is short version of youtube similarly in Youtube we post our video and in tiktok we also done same so there is not a big difference but the question is that is it true that tik tok share our personal information to china ?

Most of tiktok users are from india but due to ban in india alot of users tiktok lost but still tiktok have big Community from all ove the world below i mention the recent stats of tiktok users from different countires .

How Much User Information tiktok Collect

Tik tok collect large amount of that from user :

  • Videos Watch and commented on it
  • location data
  • User Personal Gallery Data
  • User operating systems or mobile details
  • User keystrokes when they type

There are many other things that tiktok collects from their user but there is the question is tiktok share this information to china or any other country?

Is Tiktok share User Personal information

Well this factor is still unknown because in most of the countries tik tok banned and the reason behind this is that tiktok share data with china but tik tok officially always denied this and they say this that We are not ‘under the thumb’ of China so always tiktok try to deney this statements that the share that with china but most of people know that whenever any app work in china the are in contract with china govt that the share all information of users when Govt Order them.