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Israeli police stormed the Al Aqsa place of worship compound once more on Friday, a couple of hours when a peace was reached between Israel and Hamas

. Several Arab media shops reported the forces launched tear gas shells and laid-off rubber bullets, reportedly injuring a minimum of twenty people.

Al Jazeera journalist Arwa Ibrahim also reported stun grenades being launched at worshipers, “Back to square one?” she asked. Ibrahim shared footage from the compound, showing worshipers scrambling amid loud explosions within the background.

The worshipers had stayed back when Friday prayers to celebrate the truce.

“They were singing and singingonce a contingent of the Israeli police [stationed] next to the compound came into the compound and commencedvictimisationcontrol measures that they use all the time, together with stun grenades, smoke bombs and tear gas,” Al Jazeera’s Imran Khan, who was news from occupied East Jerusalem, said.

“They started firing in this crowd in a shotto do and disperse them.” Israeli strikes on geographical area have killed 232 Palestinians, together withsixty five children, and have wounded another 1,900, in keeping with the Gaza health ministry.

Vast areas are reduced to rubbishand a few 120,000 individuals have been displaced, in keeping withIslamic Resistance Movement authorities. On the Israeli side, twelve people, together with2 children, have died.


The peace brokered by Egypt, that additionallyenclosed Gaza’s second-most powerful group, Muslim Jihad, was approvedwithin the early hours of Friday, following mounting international pressure to stem the bloodshed that erupted on could 10.

The violence was triggered whenaction at Al-Aqsa house of Godthroughout the Ramadan fast month.