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Netizens roast youthful entertainer Haroon Kadwani for his over-the-top performance in the Geo telefilm Ruposh. The cases goes from being the new, more younger variant of Feroze Khan to being something you request from a Daraz online store!

Haroon Kadwani is a young Pakistani star who made his small-screen debut back in 2017. He is the child of acclaimed maker Abdullah Kadwani who has created a portion of GEO’s; greatest dramatizations. Numerous dramatization aficionados call Haroom’s projecting an inquisitive instance of nepotism and trait his projecting in well known telefilms to this variable in particular.

However he is still moderately new to the showbiz business, individuals in the business are as of now naming him as a new, more youthful rendition of the famous star Feroze Khan. This feels a piece untimely as Haroon still can’t seem to transform the business.

However, the new nickname seems to have gone over the young star’s head. This is pretty much evident in his latest performance in the Geo telefilm Ruposh (again, produced by his dad). Haroon goes “all out” in this scene, channeling “inspiration” to give the audience some really “raw” emotions on screen. Check it out!