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Boom Boom Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi has the highest status for his daughter and after two years he accepted the award of Pakistani cricketer and bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi as the life partner of his daughter.

 Pakistani soccer star Shahid Afridi has admitted that his daughter is involved in athletics.

In an interview, Progress Report revealed that the shooters of Shaheen Shah have been asking for his daughter for two years. Sheheen is commended for his patience and determination.

 As it turned out, her daughter had just finished her FSc work, and before her father accepted the offer, her elders received a lot of attention.

Earlier that year, Shaheens father revealed that his family had a close relationship and immediate friendship with Shahid Afridis family, and they asked for Afridis daughter for Shaheen.

He also said the wealthy family accepted the offer, but there was no engagement ceremony.

Now that the adorable couple is finally engaged, we wish them the best of luck!