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Today’s topic is
—Done base study Visa REALITY—

Start early- do not wait for the deadlines, start reading requirements of a university program, research area and prepare documents accordingly.

2- Better to Get your passport before applying.

3- Get your degrees, transcripts attested from the respective board, IBCC, HEC, etc.
Not having documents attested can cause serious tension after you are selected so do this ASAP.




You will need following documents for applying,

  • It is better to prepare documents in LaTeX, otherwise you can use MS Word also but try to keep your document presentable with no spelling or grammar mistake.
  • As Italian universities list is uploaded in this group, keep track of its versions.

Start shortlisting universities based on your course of interest.

It is better to make a document in which you will add relevant universities along with their deadlines.

There is usually given a link and date of result announcement in the call, add them also in the document and keep on visiting them because you will not get any email from them if shortlisted for the interview.

  • Read requirements mentioned in the call carefully.

-each document is important and carries marks.

Finally, there are many people in this group ready to help you free of cost

Take the first step and prepare documents on your own and then get them reviewed by experts here. During applying if you are confused you can email the university help desk they are very responsive and polite don’t hesitate to ask them or you can also ask any experienced person in your circle.




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