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RAM stand for Random access memory.it is also called direct access memory.RAM store data in byte form and each bytes have individual memory and can be accessed directly.RAM srore data and instruction temporarily.

Function of RAM

RAM also called volatile memory.it means that its data/content are lost if power is turned off.IN RAM data can be read and write .CPU can read and write data from RAM.RAM is used when instruction is being executed. All instruction are store in RAM when any data or instruction are executed .RAM also called Main or primary storage.

Working of RAM

Structure of RAM

RAM build form chip. The chip is made of a semiconductor material. RAM is similar in concept to a set of boxes in which each box can hold a 0 or a 1. Each box has a unique address .

Types of RAM

RAM comes in two primary forms:

  • Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) 
  • DRAM need electric current to maintain its electrical state. If electrical charge of DRAM decreases with time that may result in loss of data.so DRAM recharged again and again to maintain its data.the CPU can not use data if DRAM being charged.that why its is slow.

  • Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) STATIC RAM does not need charged again and again thats why SRAM fast and CPU does not wait for data.SRAM use SRAM is more expensive then DRAM

Mostly RAM available IN GBs 2GB,4GB… to 16GB are available in market